Why change matters

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The Battle for Relevance: Why Change Matters

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Why climate change matters

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The hand of global climate original and the science that explains that most is understood and accepted by dismally everyone. May 26,  · Why should Chicagoans care if parts of the globe run out of water? Because water crises can lead to large-scale migration, and even conflict. Public policy that begins to addresses climate change can mitigate its impact.

It also can help businesses better adapt to the change — or even thrive in spite of it. Providing a counterweight. Arguably, to lay the groundwork for policy change, businesses need to devote resources to building support with the public for climate action.

Apart ood finitely climate change matters for children as today’s impact either positive or negative will be shown in future and we all know the children’s today are the future of tomorrow world.

Change management provides the necessary focus on the people side of change to enable agility. Despite the evidence however, lack of adoption of change management remains a significant issue for many organisations. Change matters, because it affects relevance. Disruption Leads to Irrelevance The taxi industry is fighting Uber tooth and nail, because ride.

Unfortunately climate change has become an ideological issue in the U.S. at the very moment we need to develop a consensus about the facts of human impact on our ecosystems.

We need to do a better job of building consensus on .

Why change matters
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Why does climate change matter? | UN Environment