We should not turn a blind eye on the issues of human trafficking in society

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UK authorities turn ‘blind eye’ to ‘shocking underworld’ of human trafficking

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Sanctuary Jurisdictions Likely Turn a Blind Eye to Human Smuggling, Slavery

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We could add a new organization that have started to help stop human trafficking. The basic problem is that a number of nations "turn a blind eye" depending on their culture, to.

We Should Not Turn a Blind Eye on the Issues of Human Trafficking in Society ( words, 17 pages) Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights ().

Mar 15,  · Am the project coordinator of AFRICA END HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND CHILD LABOR. the organization has been working inthe field of human trafficking from to date.

South Africa: President Urges Unity in Wake of Women, Child Killings

we are soliciting for international organizations support to enable us achieve our aims and objectives around the globe in the fight against the billion dollar crime business. Sixty-third General Assembly Thematic Dialogue on Human Trafficking (AM & PM) NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO TURN BLIND EYE TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING, AS WORLD WAKES UP.

The UK’s Centre for Social Justice has called on the government for a “radical overhaul” of measures to combat slavery, claiming the “ministers are clueless” about the current scale of slavery and human trafficking in the country. Companies also have the social responsibility not to engage in, or turn a blind eye to, human trafficking in their work.

Certain sectors such as tourism, construction and the production of goods in particular need to pay particular attention to this crime.

We should not turn a blind eye on the issues of human trafficking in society
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UK authorities turn ‘blind eye’ to ‘shocking underworld’ of human trafficking — RT World News