We should develop environmentally friendly automobile industry

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German Government at Odds with Industry over Electric Cars

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Sustainability: Green is the New Black

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Automotive, Train & Marine

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Thus a primary concern for this industry should be how to develop a strategy that integrates these pressures. Of course, efficiency is important, but to emphasize it too much misses the point.

Thus a primary concern for this industry should be how to develop a strategy that integrates these pressures. Of course, efficiency is important, but to emphasize it too much misses the point.

3 Big Green Technology Trends Driving The Auto Industry. The automotive industry is responsible for a lot of problems within the environment—but it’s also doing its part to lighten its carbon footprint. Green technology is becoming more common in the industry, in ways that benefit both the environment and the consumer.

Oct 07,  · “We should launch a major initiative to build up independent battery-cell production and research for all European carmakers,” he urges. They fear creating new financial burdens given that they are already having to pony up to develop new electric and more environmentally friendly combustion engines.

president of the. Indian auto industry, promises to become the major automotive industry in the upcoming years and the industry experts are hopeful that it will touch 10 million units mark. Indian automobile industry is involved in design, development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of motor vehicles.

We should develop environmentally friendly automobile industry
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