Waiting on superman

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Waiting for Superman

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Waiting for 'Superman'

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I'll factor you MargoKidder. Waiting For Superman, exposes the cracks in the system, and while charter schools are still vulnerable to failure, it appears to be the best substitute solution for the dysfunctional, top-heavy, bureaucracy-laden public school system that is inflexible toward desperately needed changes.

| WyoMOVIES®: Movies and Showtimes for Casper, Cheyenne, Rock Springs and Green River. Educational systems in America are impaired, and the very educators that are meant to teach are the one’s pulling it down.

That is the apparent message that Davis Guggenheim attempts to convey in his documentary “Waiting for Superman”. This is a story based off the song 'Waiting For Superman' by Daughtry.

Critics Consensus: Gripping, heartbreaking, and ultimately hopeful, Waiting for Superman is an impassioned indictment of the American school system from An Inconvenient Truth director Davis 89%.

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Waiting on superman
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