The reasons why america favors israel

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Why Did God Choose Israel?

It is vital time to change the essentially just narrative. Jan 30,  · Why does America keep funding Israel? The Jews left to Europe and etc, so the Palestinians went to the lands they once inhabited.

And then the Jews came back after the Holocaust, but the Palestinians were still Status: Resolved. Foreign policy "realists" could certainly suggest reasons why close friendship with Israel is not in America's interest, beginning with the fact that most of the world doesn't share it.

There are million or more Arabs in the world, and they sit atop a vast share of the world's oil supply. Jesus Christ is the ultimate reason why God chose Israel to be His special people.

Israel–United States relations

God did not need to have a chosen people, but He decided to do it that way. Jesus had to come from some nation of people, and God chose Israel. Because Trump, like the rest of America’s ruling elite, favors Israel for geopolitical, domestic political, and cultural and ethnic reasons having nothing to do with justice.

Articles: Why America Loves Israel, Israel Loves Us, and Europe Hates Us Both The eastern Mediterranean has been, for the past several decades, a more secure and steady place than, say, the Persian Gulf, because of Israel's stabilizing power and because of the beneficent effects of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty.

Israel has millions of Christian friends in China, in India, in Indonesia, throughout Africa and South America, as well as North America.

We are with you in your struggle. We are with you as a wave of anti-Semitism is engulfing the earth.

The reasons why america favors israel
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