The producers to be followed if an accident or sudden illness should occur

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Responding to Accidents and Sudden Illnesses in a Health and Social Care Setting

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Epigram your purchase has gone through you will be written to continue to a login screen. 2 Outline the procedures to be followed if an accident or sudden illness should occur Procedures to be followed: ensuring and maintaining safety for individuals concerned and others eg clearing the area, safely moving equipment if possible; remaining calm; sending for help; assessing the individual for injuries; administering basic first aid if.

Describe different types of accident and sudden illness that may occur in a social care setting.

Health and Safety Responsibilities Essay

Accidents: Slips, Trips, Falls, Burns, Choking, misuse of equipment, etc Illnesses: strokes, Cardiac arrest, food poisoning, Allergies, influenza, flues/colds, bugs, asthma, seizures, convulsions, fainting.

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Sep 23,  · Explain the procedure to be followed in the event of accident or sudden illness at work? Explain how establishing a safe environment can support the procedures necessary for accidents, illnesses ?

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Task A 1. A description of four different exemples of accidents and/or sudden illness that might occur: severe bleeding, cardiac arrest,choking and difficulty of breathing, fractures andd suspected fractures 2. An outline of the procedure to follow if an accident or sudden illness should occur.

Severe bleeding:you will need to apply pressure, if possible, use a sterile dressing.

The producers to be followed if an accident or sudden illness should occur
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