The potter box model of reasoning

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Compare Two Data Sets Using Box and Whisker Plots. Add to Favorites.

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3 teachers like this lesson. (MP5) to compare and analyze the data. I also use the Warm Up to model this process again for them prior to working the activity today(MP4).

The Potter Box Model of Reasoning

Again, which is to compare, analyze, and draw conclusions from two sets of data using box and whisker. Apr 30,  · Introduction Potter’s model of ethical decision making was introduced by Ralph Potter, a Harvard philosopher.

Ethical Reasoning for Mental Health Professionals by Gary G. Ford (2006, Hardcover)

It is a tool for making an effective ethical decision, which guides a decision maker towards a decision. It is also known as Potter Box. This model helps a decision maker to make a good decision following four quadrants of.

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The potter box model of reasoning
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