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Creating the Founders’ Dilemmas Course

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B by Jay O. Opinion for Henneberry v. Sumitomo Corp. of America, F. Supp. 2d — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information.

the Chief Executive Officer and majority common stock shareholder of Smartix International Corp. ("Smartix"), and defendant-investor Sumitomo Corporation of.

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Wasserman presents a series of entrepreneurship vignettes and case studies, drawn from a massive 10,founder survey he created. Due to the size of this business start-up survey, several of the stories, including accounts from founders of Blogger, Sittercity, and SmarTix, should prove fresh to readers.

Home › Blog › Page 5 “Founders’ Dilemmas” Course: Franchising, The Full Life Cycle of a Venture, and Exit Decisions. This post describes a case that examines franchising as a growth option and as an entry point into entrepreneurship. an Accounting Because It Presents No Actual Case or Controversy.

8 B. The Court Should Exercise Its Discretion To Decline Jurisdiction Over Defendants’ Premature Claim for an Accounting. 9 III. DEFENDANTS HAVE FAILED TO STATE VIABLE CLAIMS FOR EITHER. Noam Wasserman, James Sebenius, and Donald Sull, “Smartix (A): Dancing with Elephants,” Harvard Business School case () [20p].

Published Technical Notes: Noam Wasserman and Anthony Tjan “Board Design and Management: Consideration for. case no. cv (whp) memorandum of law in support of plaintiff-counterclaim defendant and third party counterclaim defendants’ motion to dismiss defendant-counterclaim plaintiff’s second amended counterclaims case cvwhp document 33 filed 07/22/10 page 1 of

Smartix case
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