Should girls and boys be given

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Educating Boys for Success

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Should Girls and Boys Be Given Exactly the Same Type of Education?

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Should Girls and Boys Be in Separate Classes? The problem of education of boys and girls together has always been quite important and stressing, because many parents believe that if the classes are divided according to the gender of the children, it can increase.

For example, she points out that studies of young children have shown that boys are no more likely than girls to enjoy playing with a toy with wheels, something traditionally given to boys. Boys and girls should be given equal opportunities in education.

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Because of that, they think thatour government do not give equal opportunity to boy and choose girls to get education at the higherplace. The Amateur Athletic Union is committed to improving the development, safety and welfare of athletes and participants involved in sport.

Mother whose baby son was left in agony by circumcision calls for the practice to be banned saying boys should be given same protection as girls get from FGM. Join us as we come together as a community to support our chapter of the Boys & Girls Club and the children we serve.

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Should girls and boys be given
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