Should australia accept tampa refugees

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Australia asylum: Why is it controversial?

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Australia asylum: Why is it controversial?

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UN: Australia should take refugees

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Australia urged to accept fresh intake of Syrian refugees

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Asylum seekers and refugees guide

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Asylum in Australia

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Australia as a nation can accept or refuse as many refugees as it wishes. It currently resettles more refugees per capita (ie compared to its population size) than any other country, and in absolute terms is the second largest resettler of refuges in the world (after the USA). The issue that I will be arguing about is whether or not Australia should accept the Tampa Refugees?

In my essay I will give my reasons that why we should and shouldn't accept the Tampa refugees. We should accept the Tampa refugees because they are fleeing from their country from punishment from. ABC news report of the Tampa affair and its political context "the rescue by the MV Tampa occurred outside the search and rescue region designated as being the responsibility of Australia." Although the Tampa had responded to a broadcast by an Australian The refugees from the Tampa were loaded onto a Royal Australian Navy.

Perhaps the most widely circulated image from this crisis was an aerial view of the Tampa showing the rescued refugees sitting on the deck in rows, in a space defined by shipping containers. Asylum in Australia is governed by statutes and Government policies which seek to implement Australia's obligations under the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, to which Australia is a party.

Australia could accept far more refugees than even the 10, called for by Labor, Chris Bowen, said Australia should not take Syrian people over other refugees.

“[To do that] is saying we.

Should australia accept tampa refugees
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