Mortality and reasoning in platos theories as well as the movie artificial intelligence

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Frozen to Life: A Personal Mortality Experiment

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Schemata theory

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Human brain has been 'shrinking for the last 20,000 years'

Mortality is defined as a measure of health referring to the number of deaths there are each year per _____ members of a given population: 3 year old Harry and 5 year old Megan are watching a movie that involves the princess. But one change wipes this all away.

There are five people tied down, and the trolley is out of control, but there is only one track.

Game theory

At the vanguard of computer technology is the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the creation of living computer circuitry called "biochips." The development of "AI" requires the computer to make a jump in inference, a quantum leap over miscellaneous data, something a programmed machine has been unable to do.

McCain, Norman and Turner, Hudson,“Causal theories of action and change”, in Proceedings of the Thirteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Eighth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference, Howard Shrobe and Ted Senator, eds., American Association for Artificial Intelligence, Menlo Park, California: AAAI Press, – Since that time, many other terms have been used as well, including "frame," "scene," "scenario," "script" and even "model", "theory".

Key theoretical development of schema theory was made in several fields, including linguistics, anthropology, psychology and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Is Already Weirdly Inhuman By David Berreby Nineteen stories up in a Brooklyn office tower, the view from Manuela Veloso’s office—azure skies, New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty—is exhilarating.

Mortality and reasoning in platos theories as well as the movie artificial intelligence
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