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What is HPLC/ High Performance Liquid Chromatography?

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Although this introduces many agreed instances of trying error, this method of separation can be very simple when done correctly. Liquid chromatography is a method of physical separation in which the components of a liquid mixture are distributed between two immiscible phases, i.e., stationary and mobile.

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Liquid chromatography (LC) is by far the most powerful technique in pharmaceutical analysis. At the end of the 20th century, LC was more or less considered a mature technology for the characterization of active ingredients and impurities, as well as for research and development (R&D) and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC).

Also see: Gas Chromatography; Ion Chromatography; Thin-layer Chromatography; High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) also know as high-pressure liquid chromatography is an instrumental system based on chromatography that is widely used in forensic science.

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Liquid chromatography 2
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