Dangerous breeds of dogs should be banned essay

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Dangerous Dogs

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Jun 28,  · It`s the breeders that breed temperamentally unsound dogs that should be banned. There are well bred and badly bred dogs in all breeds.

There will never be a solution to this problem because it`s impossible to monitor the issue abrasiverock.com: Resolved. At some point, the laws against breed specific legislation should be repealed or at least revised, so that the bigger, more powerful dogs can, like goats and chickens and a host of entirely benign animals, be banned from or restricted in a reasonable manner.

And it's raised questions about whether people should be allowed to keep dangerous dogs at all. Just to say i think that some breeds of dogs should be banned from parts of the world.

Should Certain Dog Breeds Be Banned? Sep 23, pm.

The dog breeds that are banned in the UK and why

Follow Buck Sexton. Share; Another parallel to the gun rights discussion appears to be the increased licensing of so-called dangerous breeds. The same way that certain guns and knives are regulated differently depending on jurisdiction, towns and cities across America have enacted.

This breed of dogs should not be banned (or approved BSL) for all the wrong reasons. No matter what scientists says or research results in, it all leads back up to the owner.

Dangerous breeds of dogs should be banned essay
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Should breeds of dogs that are considered dangerous, like the Pit Bull, be banned? | abrasiverock.com