Community nursing role in childhood obesity prevention

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Obesity Prevention in Schools: Current Role and Future Practice of School Nurses

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Community Efforts

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Childhood Obesity

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pediatric patients as it relates to obesity prevention. Obesity. Community Preventive Services Task Force Recommends Behavioral Screen Time Interventions to Prevent Childhood Obesity.

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Interventions to Get Healthier Foods and Beverages in Schools are Cost-Effective. Obesity Prevention and Control. Community Guide Flyer.

Download the flyer [PDF - kB]. Shirley Schantz, RN, EdD, ARNP, provides an overview of the role of school nurses in the prevention and treatment of childhood overweight and obesity in the school setting.

The Role of Policy and Community Action While it’s impossible to say precisely what may be turning the tide on obesity for the country’s youngest citizens, the important lesson is that policy and community programs can make a difference.

Nurses On the Frontlines of the Obesity Epidemic

The nursing process in the community setting consists of a thorough assessment of the determinants of health such as the environmental, socioeconomic, and behavioral factors in order to determine how they contribute to the problem of obesity.

Prevention Agenda Preventing Chronic Diseases Action Plan Focus Area 1: Reduce Obesity in Children and Adults. Overall Objectives; Goal # Create community environments that promote and support healthy food and beverage choices and physical activity. Goal # Prevent childhood obesity through early child-care and schools.

Community Efforts Community nursing role in childhood obesity prevention
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Nurses On the Frontlines of the Obesity Epidemic | School of Nursing