Animals should not be used in scientific research essay

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Animal welfare is underpinned by the 3Rs – there is a legal requirement to replace animals with alternatives, refine experimental techniques and reduce the numbers of animals used in research. Animal research can only be carried out in Europe where there is no suitable non-animal alternative.

This is the group discussion on "Should Animals be used for Testing New Drugs & Medical Procedures?".

Eva van Emden, Freelance Editor

animals should not be used for research. Why do we consider our own life precious than others?

Should we bring extinct species back from the dead?

we can't test on human for scientific reason, not moral reason dumb-ass. We do not simply choose rat, mice, rabbit because they are poor.

Animal testing essay thesis When it comes to creating an essay over animal testing a writer can either writer in support of it or opposed to it. Animal testing has been a hot topic for the past few decades and has shown no signs of resolution any time soon.

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Animals should not be used in scientific research essay
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Should Animals be used for Testing New Drugs & Medical Procedures? - Group Discussion