An opinion that only women should be allowed to own guns

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Pro Vs. Con: Guns on Campus

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These gun owners were allowed to provide up to three reasons they own guns. After personal safety and hunting, general mentions of recreation or sport are third (13%) among the reasons gun owners chose to own a firearm, with 8% citing target shooting.

with 8% citing target shooting.

6 Reasons Every Woman Should Own A Gun

Only 5% of American gun owners cite "Second. By Rob Morse: Opinion. Why the Political-Left Hates Women & Own Guns Slow Facts. USA –-( You can name the stereotypical liberal voting blocks with your eyes closed. #4 Guns are the best tool for self defense and good citizens should be allowed to use them for defense.

#5 Neither the government, nor other people have the right to tell responsible and law abiding citizens they can't own guns or certain kinds of guns. 10 Reasons Concealed Carry Handguns Should Be Legal Top 10 Arguments in favor of the legality of concealed handguns.

The term “concealed carry” refers to the act of keeping a weapon with you in public in a concealed manner. Women in the United States account for 84 percent of all female firearm victims in the developed world, even though they make up only a third of the developed world’s female population.

Kenyans should be allowed to own firearms stage where citizens should be allowed to own firearms for their own protection.

There is the argument that more guns in private hands will translate.

An opinion that only women should be allowed to own guns
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Common Arguments Against Campus Carry