An analysis of a boys experience in detention without clear reason in the poem half past two by fant

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In Detention

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By Order of Management was covered by the transport in. The author has woven two very clear messages into this story, the first reminding the reader of the devastation the human race has reeked on the earth, and the second is the strong message of the importance of kindness, acceptance of others unlike yourself, and living in harmony.

In detention * This is a satirical poem written to show the patent absurdity of the reasons given by the police or government spokespersons for people’s dying in detention. • During the apartheid era, prisoners were held in detention.

~♥~ +Chapter 5+ Poem We were in the living room, me sitting on the black recliner chair, Kat one the couch on my right. Each of us with a notebook and a pen. Detention.

An analysis of a boys experience in detention without clear reason in the poem half past two by fant
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